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    Chili Powder Grinding Machine



    Brief Instruction of Our Short History:

    BEIJING BIDRAGON COMPANY promoted BCH grinding/milling machine since the beginning of 2010, and we have a good new start at our BCH grinding machine selling. Here we give our deepest thanks and wishes to Mr. Uche, who support us at the first order of two lines of BCH 400 chili grinding plants, and Mr. Pitchaiappan, who give us his best suggestions at perfect of our BCH800 full automatic chili grinding plant. Also expand our thanks to Mr.Isaac of nigerial, and Mr. Cheng of America, who give us support and encouragement to our work. 


    BCH Series Grinding/ Milling Machine Models:

    We can offer BCH100-2000 grinding machine, like BCH 200, BCH800, BCH1000, the number behind BCH refer to the handling capacity by our grinders.


    Features of BCH Grinding/Milling Machine:

    1st, BCH grinding/milling machine can be used to process chilis, cumin, garlic, grains; however, for different materials, the grinder needs to change to the right specification rollers. For chili, cumin, staraniseed and ginger, the same roller can handle thest materials very well. However if change to garlic , or rice, we need to change the rollers.

    2nd, BCH grinding/milling machine adopts 4 rollers , but other general roller grinder only install 2 rollers. That's why our BCH grinder can have better efficiency and milling/grinding effect than other general girnder machine.That's why our grinder has less power consumption than other general roller grinder machine.

    3rd, BCH grinding/milling machine matched with dust remover, so it's working condition is dust-free, which is another point why customer would like to accept it.

    4th, BCH grinding/milling machine is flexible at handling material quantities. Because the grinding machines adopts parallel interfaces, for example, if you buy our BCH 800 chili grinder plant, but somtimes, you don't need to process 800 kg materials, like you just want to process 200kg, then you only need to open one single BCH grinder, other parallel grinders don't need to connect with power. That's the flexible and power consumption saving features of our machine.


    Video of BCH Chili Gridning/Milling Plant Download Address:

    Our chili processing machines special column website is :


    For more photos, specification, or price list our BCH grinding/milling machine , please don't heisitate to contact us by any ways.


    Thanks for visiting our website with your precious time !!


    --By Caroline Wu / September 22nd, 2011  

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