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    250T Melamine Tableware Making Machine




    (1) The running speed is from fast to slow to reduce the impact of the machine. And the voice is low. It is not easy to damage the mould.

    (2) Manual operation and auto operation for choice.

    (3) Mould locking F=250 TONS

    (4) The oil circuit is designed reasonable, which works quickly and steadily. The valves are adopted famous brand products.

    (5) By using high and low pressure way; it can save the energy greatly.

    1. Technical parameter

      1. Mold clamping force: 2.5MN

      2. Working pressure: 210KG/CM2

      3. Piston diameter: 400mm

      4. Upright space(hot plate area): 700X700mm

      5. Route: 550mm

      6. Lift height: 750mm

      7. Clamp speed: 110mm/s

      8. Return speed: 110mm/s

      9. Compression speed: ≥3mm/s

      10. Upright material: 45#

      11. Upright and piston: At least 100 micrometer chromeplate coating

      12. Upright and piston: 50 degree rockwell hardness

      13. Master cylinder: high grade ductile iron cast

      14. Motor: 7.5KW,Carter

      15. Power: 380V,50Hz

      16. Heating panel: 85mm,2x12=24kw, resist block

      17. Hydraulic component: magnetic valve: HUADE

      18. Oil pump: KCL

      19. PLC: Mitsubishi

      20. Machine weight: About 6700Kg

      21. Size: 2100X1300X2620mm


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